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What Executive Guidance Can Do For You

Here at Executive Guidance we operate in four distinctly different fields across the full Learning and Development spectrum of Learning and Development activity.  However we operate principally in four fields.

1.  Corporate Learning and Development Training Programmes

2.  Consultancy

3.  Police Service Development Programmes

4.  Security Industry Authority Approved Programmes 


We offer a full range of corporate learning and development programmes that are available as open courses. Full details of each course are available by following this link to the Executive Guidance shop. However if you wish us to come to your company to deliver any of these courses we would be only to pleased to do so. The greatly reduced price per delegate is shown below. To make arrangements with us for that to happen, please call the Executive Guidance office on 01252 658 246 and we will be delighted to help you.

Prices for all Corporate Learning and Development Programmes are available on request.

Lunchtime Learning

If you would like us to come to your premises and deliver one of our Corporate Courses as Lunchtime Learning, or a Twilight Session we would be happy to do so. The session is significantly shorter than the full day programme, so it focuses in on the main learning outcomes, making them customer specific. If you would like to provide the lunch that will be excellent, there are two very important things to remember, one is please don't supply crisps, they are too noisy to open or eat, and detract from the learning, and secondly don't forget to get a sandwich for the trainer, it will be their lunch time too. Almost all of our one day courses are suitable to be taught in the shortened format, so please ask.

We will train up to 15 delegates for £225, and if we supply the lunch that will only add £35 to you final bill, while saving you all the washing up!

Please call the Executive Guidance office to make a booking.


We would love to bring all our years of experience to your company to help you solve your Learning and Development issues. We have acted as a consultant for a significant number of companies, for whom we have worked right across the training cycle.

Free Training Needs Analysis

For all new clients Executive Guidance is delighted to offer a FREE Training Needs Analysis. Find out how your current delivery meets your need and identify where the gaps are.  Use the Contact Us page to make discuss your requirements.

 Training Needs Analysis

 Looking for the gap between what you deliver and what you need to deliver is something we have specialised in, delivering TNA’s in a one major NHS Trust, where we were able to establish that  they could not achieve their targets with the delivery model they had. The result was that we went on to design a new approach for them, that not only reduced their costs, but significantly increased the accessibility of staff to training right across the organisation.        

 Design, Development and Delivery

Our design work is award winning, and we have certificates to prove it!! We greatly enjoy planning creative solutions for you to use in your work place.  All our work follows recognised models of Adult Learning, but with that fun factor thrown in. People learn better and are much more committed to attending training if they enjoy what they are doing, and if we design any thing for you, you can be sure your staff will enjoy the lesson.

 We feel very strongly that before we do any design work for you we get to understand how your company works, and how what we are creating fits in with your business ethos. Once we know that we will discuss and agree with you the learning outcomes you want for this piece of work. Once they have been agreed we will continue to involve you in the design process until we have developed a piece of work that you are really happy with.

 Once we have created that piece of work if you wish we can deliver it for you too. As with all our team, or trainers are all highly qualified and very experienced in their chosen trade.  Our delivery is always of the highest quality, and is intended to add to the fun factor we build into or design work.


We are very experienced in evaluation of any training that has taken place.  The process is very similar to TNA in that the evaluator is trying to find that gap again.  How has what has been delivered meet the original needs, and what are the effects on your front line.  How will the learning affect the behaviour or attitude of your team?  We can find evidenced answers to those questions and come back to you with some recommendations about where you go next.

 The Rest

There are lots of other Learning and Development related things we can do for you.  We have significant experience in designing and building assessment centres to enable you to assess you staff, or even potential staff so that you know they will fit in ands perform before you recruit them.

If it is L and D related, but not mentioned here, and you need it, call our office or use the Contact Us page and if we don’t know how to do it we will tell you so.  If we can help, we would be only to pleased to do so.  

Police Personal Development Programmes 

We have been involved in Police service development training for in over 25 years both from within the police service as well as commercially. Which ever way we have enjoyed great success and helped hundreds of police officers on their way up the career ladder.        

Our trainers and designers are all either serving or retired Police Officers, all of whom have a police training qualification.  They are all vastly experienced training police officers to pass their exams.    

We plan our courses so they really do meet the needs of the delegates.  For example our OSPRE Part 2 courses will always have a delegate trainer ratio of one trainer to four delegates. That way you get the maximum out of your time spent with us.   

OSPRE Parts 1 and 2

Here at Executive Guidance we have helped Police Officers to pass their promotion exams for many years.  Before retirement at completion of service, Phil Waters had helped hundreds of officers from his own force, Surrey Constabulary, get through both parts of the old OSPRE style promotion exam.  Since his retirement he has continued in this work running courses and developing study tools that have helped thousands of police officers to pass the exam and move their career forward.  We have carried all this knowledge forward into the new NPPF Step 2 exam, and offer first class training to help delegates pass that. 

We now have a dedicated page that pulls together all our OSPRE Part 1 offering, including free downloads of a Study Guide, and one document that will help you study, containing some really useful hints and tips  There is also a short document that you can download free all about exam technique.  Follow this link to our dedicated OSPRE page.

The Pass First Time Promise

We are so confident  that our Police Promotion Exam courses (OSPRE) give you the very best chance of passing your exam we are now offering the ‘Pass First Time Promise.’ If you do not pass the exam at the next sitting of the exam you have studied for, we will train you for the next one FREE of CHARGE.     

Please Note

You must have completed our full training programme, paid your course fee in full, and submitted yourself for the exam for the 'Pass First Time Promise' to apply.

Security Industry Authority Programme

Our S.I.A. training team is vastly experienced in both the practice of and delivering the training of their specialist subjects. All carry relevant SIA training authorisation and the practical experience to back up their training with real credibility.

Course Name


Course Cost

Certification Cost

Door Supervisor

2 Days



Conflict Resolution

2 Days



Disengagement Techniques (MAYBO)

2 Days