Women's Safety Workshop

Women's Safety Workshop


Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

 Duration. 2 hours 30 minutes

 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...  

  • Feel safer going about their day to day life
  • Have developed strategies to help at home, in the car or walking around town centres at night
  • Be practised in simple but effective disengagement techniques   

 Who is this course aimed at.

Women who in going about their daily business are apprehensive or do not feel safe, or would just like to be and feel safer than they are right now.    

How will it help you or your business

If you have women who are lone workers, leave the office late, or walk to the train, the bus, or car park you can help them feel and be much safer as they leave you work premises to head off home.

Course Description.

This training programme takes a problem solving approach to some of the issues women face in going about their everyday life. It will look at being safe in the home, in the car and in town centres after dark.  Any other issues will also be discussed and strategies put in place to help deal with them.

The last session will focus on simple and highly effective disengagement techniques that are designed to put as much space between you and your assailant as possible.  You will practice these in the group.

The latest set of figures from the police show you live in a very safe part of the country; following completion of this course you not only will be safe, you will feel safe too.  





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