Safe Searching for Teachers and Lecturers - Open Course

Safe Searching for Teachers and Lecturers - Open Course


Safer Searching for Teachers and Lecturers 
 Duration.  2 - 3 hours 
 Course Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...   
  • Understand the law in relation to conducting searching of people.
  • Conduct a search safely.
  • Explain how to identify triggers in conflict situations.
  • Identify ways to overcome the triggers.
  • Demonstrate dis-engagement techniques


     Who is this course aimed at. 


    This course is aimed at all staff in schools and colleges who have to take on duties searching pupils or students, and want to do so in the safest way possible and with the least possible risk to themselves or the person they are searching.
    How will it help you or your business
    All staff in colleges and schools have been empowered to search pupils and students to remove a significant number of items deemed unsuitable or not desirable for pupils or students to bring with them into college or school premises. Untrained staff are putting themselves at risk of injury, or a complaint about inappropriate conduct.  Either way the impact of that will be potentially devastating for the staff member concerned, and also a name missing from the allocation of staff placing a greater strain on their colleagues.     

    This is a four module programme delivered on school premises by a team of highly qualified trainers.  The modules are as follows


    1. The Law relating to Searching
    2. Conflict Resolution
    3. Practical Searching
    4. Dis-engagement Techniques  

    The techniques we teach are 

    ·         Non aggressive and are NOT based on pain compliance.

    ·         Effective and quickly learned.

    ·         Flexible

    ·         Transferable to any situation where staff are potentially at risk.

    This is a very practical programme offering simple easy to practice solutions for potentially difficult and dangerous situations.   

























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