OSPRE Part 2 Five Station booklet

OSPRE Part 2 Five Station booklet


A booklet of five OSPRE Part 2 stations, including marking guide and Role Actors brief.  Enough for you to do a full mock exam, or a full mock exam preparation. 


They have all been written by OSPRE trained staff and have all been used on our courses, and are therefore tried and tested.


To order your 5 Station OSPRE Part 2 booklet follow this link to the Contact Us page and send Executive Guidance a message.


Please indicate which exam you are doing, is it PC - Sgt or Sgt to Inspector, then we can send out to you the right ones.


Postage free if you order in the next month, We will get right back to you with a confirmation.    


For free hints and tips follow our weekly OSPRE Part 2 Blog published on Mondays at 10.00hrs, or to make a purchase select this product and proceed to the checkout.



Quantity:  at  £35.00  each 

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