Train the Trainers (Non qualification)

Train the Trainers (Non qualification)


Train the Trainers

 Duration.  2 days

 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...  

· Plan and Prepare a lesson.

· Understand the various models relevant to delivering training and how to incorporate them into a lesson plan.

· Understand the importance of Visual Aids and Multimedia in preparing and presenting a lesson.

· Deliver a lesson to a group of peers.

· Feel confident in front of a group.

Who is this course aimed at.

Anyone who would like to become involved in training delivery or the management of training should attend this course.  Administrators of the training function would also benefit from coming on the course.    

 How will it help you or your business

Internal training is a great way to develop your staff, and to get your internal message delivered.  The person being trained to deliver training for you will be much more confident, and self aware, and will have a great knowledge of what is going on in their workplace. 

 Course Description.

This is a course that is built around early trainer inputs and builds from simple, short presentations to longer and more complex ones during the course.  You will spend a lot of time looking at planning and preparation before undertaking a presentation that you have planned using the models given.  The trainer will also give a presentation on the Experiential Learning Cycle and a Group Dynamics model both of which are essential if you are going to understand how to get the best from your class.

At the end of each session the delegate presenting will be given structured feedback from both the course trainer and the other delegates. 

 Each delegate will leave with a SMART action plan to allow the learning to continue from subsequent presentations.  


This course does not carry any recornised qualification, that is recognised in the price.  The course with a qualification attached is more expensive because of the need to make a payment for each delegate to the awarding body. 








Quantity:  at  £250.00  each 

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