Successful Facilitation Skills

Successful Facilitation Skills


Successful Facilitation Skills

 Duration.  2 Days

 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...  

 · Understand the difference between Facilitation, Presenting, and Training.

· Facilitate a small group.

· Understand the importance of communication and listening skills.

· Explain the impact Group Dynamics has on the process.

· Understand how important Visual Aids are to the process

· Understand the importance of Planning and Preparation. 

 Who is this course aimed at.

Do you need to chair groups at work, to arrive at a agreed conclusion/consensus.  This needs specific skills, somewhat different from the skills need to make an effective presentation.

 How will it help you or your business

Planning, organising and running meetings are always better if you can have someone trained to do the job at the helm.  It also means  that as the boss, you can concentrate on the content and conclusions without having to worry about the process as well. This will help you to arrive at the right decision based on the comment and feedback from the delegates

 Course Description.

This course is a excellent blend of trainer inputs and highly practical exercises where  the delegate gets the opportunity to put into practice what they have been taught.  Every practical session will be followed with structured feedback from the course trainer, and the other delegates.

 At the conclusion of the training each delegate will leave with a SMART action plan enabling them to continue their development. 








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