Managing Stress and Pressure

Managing Stress and Pressure


Managing Stress and Pressure

Duration. Half day (4 hours)

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course the delegates will be able to …

· Identify those stressors from their everyday life that impact on them

· Understand the signs and symptoms a person suffering from stress will outwardly display

· Explain the stress response and how it impacts on their body.

· Understand a number of Stress coping strategies.

· Develop a SMART action plan to deal with stress both at home and at work.
Who is this course aimed at.

Well over half the UK workforce, that's who! Studies have shown that around 64% of people in the U.K. suffer from workplace stress.  Just about anyone who is living or working in this pressurised world would benefit from spending time looking at the things that cause stress and pressure in their lives. Then developing stress coping strategies to help them become more able to cope with the many pressures placed upon them by 21st Century living.

How will it help you or your business

Each year British business lose over £400 million as a direct result of stress related illness, and the absenteeism and compensation payouts they give rise to! The study showed that those most affected were managers aged between 35 and 45. However considerate you are as a company, or as an employer your staff will be under pressure. 

How much pressure did John Terry feel as he stepped up to take and miss the penalty that could potentially have won the Champions League for Chelsea.  He is highly paid doing something he loves, but still he had great pressures placed upon him.

Understanding what stress does and what to do about it will make your work force more effective and better able to cope when those unexpected high pressure situations both at home and work that arrive unexpectedly.

Course Description.

This highly interactive course, is ‘student centred,’ built around the delegates experiences, and tailored to meet their specific needs.

All delegates will leave with a SMART action plan to help them deal better with the pressures of work and home life.













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