Managing Difficult People

Managing Difficult People


Course Title. Managing Difficult People

Duration. 1 Day

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...  

· Understand the reasons for different behaviour and its impact on others.

· Understand how your behaviour can be used to influence other people.

· Develop strategies to deal with difficult to manage people.

· Become a skilled communicator.

 Who is this course aimed at.

Not everyone wants to be managed, either properly, or at all, and sometimes not by you!!! . However good you are as a manager, you will come across that difficult to manage and motive individual.  The techniques discussed on this workshop are also valid in helping you to deal with the customer or client who seems to specialise in making totally unreasonable demands, or just making your life a misery.  So if you are a manager, a director or just someone who is fed up with being pushed to the limit by someone else in you workplace this course is for you. 



How will it help you or your business

Confrontational and difficult situations in business can often result in misery for all parties involved.  That in turn leads to a downturn in effectiveness, and ultimately in good people leaving and going to work elsewhere.  This one-day workshop will help all your managers, coaches, and mentors deal more effectively with those difficult situations that have the potential to occur and disrupt the productive environment in any workplace.



Course Description.

This is another highly participative course which will help you to develop some sound strategies that will enable you to become more effective and confident in handling those difficult people and situations . We will explore successful communication, and listening skills, action planning and dealing with confrontation.  Do you know what sort of body language is best help you to make your point in a non confrontational way? We will also spend some time looking at how best to re-motivate the individuals concerned to help you get the best out of everyone in your team, or organisation.







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