Coaching for Sucess

Coaching for Sucess


Coaching for Success

 Duration. 1 Day

 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...  

· Understand the difference between Coaching, Mentoring , and Managing.

· Understand the different styles of coaching and be able to select an appropriate one for the situation.

· Set objectives, targets, within time scales, with measures to demonstrate success.

· Build rapport, and trust in coaching session to create an environment where your charges look forward to your next visit. 

· Construct, give and receive structured written and verbal feedback.

· Construct appropriate questions delivered in an appropriate style.

· Develop an ongoing action plan.

 Who is this course aimed at.

People who have been tasked with coaching and developing a colleague in the workplace.  Team Managers, peers, or just to help with succession planning this course will help you to achieve your task.

 How will it help you or your business

The ability to pass on knowledge, skills, and internal procedures will greatly enhance your workforce, and its ability to deliver.  Delegates who attend this course, will  be better motivated, having been asked to go for training, better able to motivate others, and better able to deliver for you.   

 Course Description.

This is a highly participatory course which will enable delegates to practice those skills needed to deliver workplace coaching.  The workshop will give you a number of models, techniques, and opportunities to try them out under safe classroom situations. This will enhance your coaching skills and abilities in the workplace.














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