Investigation Skills Workshop

Investigation Skills Workshop


Investigation Skills Workshop

 Duration. 1 Day.

 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to... 

 · Understand the legal requirements placed on an investigator by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, the Restriction of Investigative Powers Act and the Human Rights Act

· Understand the structure to conduct a witness or suspect interview.

· How to seek, gather, and record evidence.

· Understand the significance of Points to Prove

· The significance of recording your enquiries, and how to do that.

· The importance of obtaining your evidence fairly, and the consequences of not obtaining evidence fairly.

 Who is this course aimed at.

Is it your responsibility to conduct enquiries into matters that may become the domain of the police?  What training have you had to enable you to carry out those enquiries.  This area can be a mine field if you do not know what your limitations are.  This course is aimed at anyone who is, or is going to conduct enquiries into allegations made by one staff member against another, or by a customer against one of your staff and will give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to carry out effective investigations within the law.  .

 How will it help you or your business

If someone within your organisation has made an allegation against another employee, you will need it to be investigated, and investigated properly.  If you are not sure whether the police or some other investigatory authority need to be informed, having attended this course your trained staff member can make enquiries safe in the knowledge that they will not cost you any vital evidence. You will be in a much stronger position when dealing with the law enforcement agencies, in that you can present them with some clear evidence that will assist them with their work. 

 Course Description.

This is a Trainer lead course, which will enable you to learn, practice, and develop the skills needed to conduct an effective investigation.  It is a practical course involving a lot of participation.  Our trainers are all former or serving police officers with a great deal of practical experience in investigation, which they will be only to willing to share with you on this course.  Having successfully completed the course we will continue to offer any support that you may need.      




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