Advanced Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Skills


Advance Presentation Skills

 Duration.   2 days

 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to...  

 Ã‚· Give a better structured, more confident presentation.

· Feel more confident when they get up to make a presentation

· Understand the impact Group Dynamics has on a group.

· Benefit from extensive practice and video feedback.

· Identify areas of strength and ways of improving areas of weakness

Who is this course aimed at.

People who attended the Effective Presentation Skills course can use this course to move their skills on to greater and better things.  If you already have some knowledge, but would like to refresh your skills or just learn a little more, this course is the one for you.

 How will it help you or your business

It has been said that we make the decision  to employ someone after only 1 minute of the job interview, and to buy a house within the first 90 seconds of walking through the front door.  If that is true how important is that first impression when someone stands up to make a presentation to an important client.  You cannot always go out to make the ‘pitch’ for those all important meetings yourself,  and sometimes have to rely on someone to represent you.  This course will take the skills of the delegates and fine tune them to enable them to represent both you and your business in the best possible light. 

 Course Description.

This course is highly participatory, enabling the delegates to get straight into making presentations and getting structured feedback from the trainer and the other delegates.  This time the first topic to be presented will have been sent out to the delegate in advance of the course allowing the course trainer to look at the preparation of the delegate, as well as giving feedback on performance.  The programme will build from here, with each delegate being given another topic to present, but this time chosen by the delegate, it may be a work based topic to help prepare for what is to come, or a topic chosen by the course trainer from the information provided on your course booking form.

































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