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    Advance Facilitation Skills

    Advance Facilitation Skills - £250.00

    This very practical 2 day wokshop is aimed at delegates who have already attended the initail facilitation skills training programme and want to develop their skill further.

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    Advanced Presentation Skills

    Advanced Presentation Skills - £250.00

    This very practical 2 day workshop is aimed at delegates who have already attended Executive Guidance's 'Effective Presentation Skills' programme or have some practical expereince and want to further develkop their skills

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    Coaching for Sucess

    Coaching for Sucess - £135.00

    Do you work on a one to one to develop staff. This very practical workshop shows you how to get the best out of your subject.

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    Communication Skills Workshop

    Communication Skills Workshop - £135.00

    This highly particiaptive workshop will look at the 3 parts that go together to make up the whole communication model, Verbal Communication, Non Verbal Communication (Body language) and Listening.

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    Conflict Management

    Conflict Management - £135.00

    Do you find yourself in a position where conflict is likely? At work or at home, this highly participative workshop will help you deal with that situation.

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    Customer Care

    Customer Care - £135.00

    This programme is for those people who represent your company in customer facing situations. It will help to ensure that your business is always represented to its very best

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    Dealing with Telephone Aggression

    Dealing with Telephone Aggression - £95.00

    How to manage those dificult people on the phone.

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    Effective Presentation Skills

    Effective Presentation Skills - £250.00

    A highly participative 2 days give structure and confidence to people who have to give presentations to groups large or small

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    How to be Assertive, if that's alright with you! - £135.00

    A training programme to help you be more assertive at the right time in the right situation

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    How to Carry Out Effective Interviews and Appraisals

    How to Carry Out Effective Interviews and Appraisals - £135.00

    This one day workshop is aimed at managers who have to conduct staff interviews and or appraisals. This programme is supported by material by Video Arts.

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    Improve your Interpersonal Skills

    Improve your Interpersonal Skills - £135.00

    This one day programme is a taster for a number of Executive Guidance programmes, and includes Communictaion, Conflict Management, and Problem Solving.

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    Investigation Skills Workshop

    Investigation Skills Workshop - £135.00

    A trainer lead one day workshop for people who have to carry out internal investigations and don't want to fall foul of the law themselves.

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    Managing Difficult People

    Managing Difficult People - £135.00

    Why do somepeople make life difficult for their collegues? Learn how to manage those difficult situations that can get in the way of your company delivering its objectives.

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    Managing Stress and Pressure

    Managing Stress and Pressure - £135.00

    This is a half day workshop giving delegates knowledge about the effects of stress and pressure on the body and some significant coping strategies. One of our most popular courses.

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    Mentoring for Success

    Mentoring for Success - £135.00

    A highly participative one day workshop to enable delegates to effectively mentor a work collegue.

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    Planning and Chairing Effective Meetings - £125.00

    Do you have to chair meetings? Has anyone given you any advice how to do it? How do you take minutes? How do you deal with the Meetings Bully. Find out how at this workshop

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    Safe Searching for Teachers and Lecturers - Open Course

    Safe Searching for Teachers and Lecturers - Open Course - £75.00

    This one day programme is aimed at Teachers and Lecturers who have to carry out searching of pupils and students as part of their daily duties, and want to feel safe carrying them out.

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    Social Media, Picking Your Way Practically Through The Maze.

    Social Media, Picking Your Way Practically Through The Maze. - £25.00

    This course will help you in a most practical way to develop Social Media for your business that will deliver results,

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    Successful Facilitation Skills

    Successful Facilitation Skills - £250.00

    Two days spent learning techniques and practicing them in a safe environment will greatly enhance your skills.

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    Train the Trainers (Non qualification)

    Train the Trainers (Non qualification) - £250.00

    Learn how to design and deliver a Basic Lesson plan. When to use and when not to use Visual Aids. What to do about PowerPoint.,

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