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    NPPF Step 2 Constable to Sergeant Exam 2018

    Week 14


    Blackstone’s Volume

    Chapter Heading

    General Police Duties Chapter 9

    Offences Involving Communication

    General Police Duties Chapter 10

    Terrorism and Associated Offences

    General Police Duties Chapter 11

    Public Disorder


    There are three chapters to look at this week and they are from the General Police Duties syllabus book, starting with Chapter 9, Offences Involving Communication, then Chapter 10, Terrorism and Associated Offences , followed lastly by Chapter 11 Public Disorder. 

    So our first chapter is Chapter 9 Offences Involving Communication.  Your examiners over the years have demonstrated their ability to write questions from obscure parts of the syllabus and this chapter could well be where it comes from this year. Recently this chapter was tested twice in the Constable to Sergeant exam.

  2. Executive Guidance


    NPPF Step 2 Constable to Sergeant Exam 2018


    Week 13



    Blackstone’s Volume

    Chapter Heading

    Roads Policing Chapter 7

    Protection of Drivers, Riders and Passengers

    Roads Policing Chapter 8

    Highways and Safety Measures

    Roads Policing Chapter 9

    Construction and Use

    If you have been following these articles from the beginning you will be pleased to know that this week sees us into the second half of the programme.  This week we look at the next three chapters from the Roads Policing Blackstone’s Syllabus book.  They are Chapter 7, Protection of Drivers, Riders and Passengers, Chapter 8, Highways and Safety Measures, and finally Chapter 9, Construction and Use.  

    The first chapter this week is Chapter 7 Protection of Drivers and Passengers, a short chapter, but one full of good areas to test. Start with Seat Belts, lots of figures and ages involved here. The best way to get all this back is to draw it out on a piece of paper, that will really help get the figures and ages firmly planted in your brain.